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Carlos Delgado attended IAEG2013 Beijing conference and organized series of activities

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        Prof. Carlos Delgado, IAEG President attended the International Symposium & 9th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG which has been successfully held in Beijing on 21-26 September 2013. During the conference, he organized series of activities.

       On 22 September Carlos cordially met with Donauld Helm, one of U.S. scientists attended the conference and had dinner together, and expressed sincere gratitude for supporting from professor Helm. Meanwhile, he presided over the IAEG Executive Committee meetings in which a series of important issues and arrangements of IAEG were discussed.

        On 23 September Carlos attended and chaired IAEG Council meeting. At first he reported his work and important activities as chairperson of IAEG since last council meeting, and pointed out what is the focus of the IAEG. In the meeting a series of topics i.e. the development strategy, membership promotion, especially the youth members, corporate membership and member services, technical committees working mode, the qualities of Bulletin and web, 50 anniversary of IAEG and editing and publishing commemorative Atlas of IAEG, Arnould Award establishment, modification of IAEG regulations, the establishment of international research programs and Award of Science and Technology of IAEG, the 2015 -2018 academic meetings have been fully discussed and voted and then some major decisions have been made.

        On that day, Carlos and former President Sijing Wang attended the appreciation Banquet held for co-organized units of the conference and gave award to each representative. Carlos gave a warm speech, expressed gratitude to all units for their kind and great support, and expected to strengthen the cooperation in the future on behalf of IAEG .

        On the opening ceremony held on 24th September, Carlos addressed keynote lecture, introduced results of "Engineering Geology IAEG hotspots and development proposals" global online survey, and made an important blueprint for development of engineering geology discipline as well as IAEG.

        Carlos and Sijing Wang have lunch together with representatives of NGS in Asian region. Carlos gave full affirmation for works of NGS in Asian region and expected Asian region can play a more important role in future development of IAEG.

        On 25th Carlos and famous Russian scholar Victor Osipov visited all exhibition booths  and took photos with staff of the exhibition booths.

        Carlos also attended the lunch of C29 Committee at noon on 25th, and expressed full affirmation for active and effective work of the Committee. Meanwhile, Carlos also hosted dinner on 25th, and expressed gratitude to all staff and volunteers of the Organization of the conference, presented certificates to all volunteers. He praised the work of staff and volunteers and was happy with health growing of China's young generation of engineering geology.


Carlos chaired the council meeting

Carlos and Sijing Wang attended the Banquet for appreciation of Coorganized units of this conference

Carlos, Sijing Wang and other executive members and NGS representatives have group photos with Volunteers and parts organization committee members of the conference